06 Jun
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Search engine positioning is an expression that has become familiar among those who have a website and want to increase the number of visits. It is an emerging field, aimed to obtain positions in the search engines.

50% of the work of positioning is done on the code of the page, getting everything to make the search engine we stand out among all the pages stored in your database.

The other 50% of the work is some form of "network marketing" whose objective is the bot to visit us regularly and report in the database the important thing is our page for other many (including others in our site) that link to it.

The user who first go in this field will be assaulted by a myriad of confusing information, outdated, incorrect, opportunistic and contradictory that the best will make you waste time unnecessarily and at worst will achieve the opposite of what was intended to: disappear completely from the search engines database.

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13 Jan
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Since the emergence of social networks, without a doubt, one of which they impact more and more extended is Facebook. And that Google knows it. It is that, which ever is more important what people say of us in the networks, and the number of people who will follow us.

After having carved a niche among our vocabulary the acronym SEO and SEM (should already know that we are talking about...) now comes: NFO (Facebook News Feed Optimization).

Translated, it would be something like "Latest news" of our personal pages. And of course, doubt that anyone who makes the social media marketing is how to get that what we publish on our Facebook page, finish by publishing on our fan page?

Is known, nearly 90% of our fans never returning to our home once he has been given the "I like", since they continue interacting with us through the "latest news" on their personal pages.

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