20 Dec
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For what already took awhile tucked in this SEO, basic notions which we will explain below, perhaps, too basic, but all those approaching for the first time to the positioning in search engines should know them.

It should bear in mind that they are basic notions. Today and despite the amount of information that we have, there are still many websites lost online, without any kind of work on positioning, and which are only pages that will not move and will be hardly visited, unless you type directly in the url.

Before launching a site to the network, must try to comply with certain rules which will help us to be much more visible in the network. These notions will make you pass above all those websites that have not worked anything positioning, but to win the first positions, you have to hire an SEO company, or deeper into this world.

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18 Aug
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Google Panda, is here. And SEOS, we have not taken too long to realize that the new Google algorithm will not leave us indifferent. Since last August 12 Google already gives results with its new algorithm.

Just left some Asian areas, but strong bet Google for its new search algorithm that comes to replace to Caffeine, the last known by all.

Google has said on countless occasions, I wanted to reward the quality content and original, and it seems that this is the bet of the new Google Panda.

Thus, content quality, well written and without spelling mistakes, also original and not duplicates of other Web sites, the use of safety in our pages, be not abuse of advertising, and have "weight" (authority have called you them) in social networks, will be the new battlefields for any SEO.

As always, there will be some that another page that will slip on the results, and pages that should be, will not be displayed, according to the new parameters of the algorithm of Google Panda.

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