Google Panda or the new web positioning

on 18 August 2011
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Google Panda, is here. And SEOS, we have not taken too long to realize that the new Google algorithm will not leave us indifferent. Since last August 12 Google already gives results with its new algorithm.

Just left some Asian areas, but strong bet Google for its new search algorithm that comes to replace to Caffeine, the last known by all.

Google has said on countless occasions, I wanted to reward the quality content and original, and it seems that this is the bet of the new Google Panda.

Thus, content quality, well written and without spelling mistakes, also original and not duplicates of other Web sites, the use of safety in our pages, be not abuse of advertising, and have "weight" (authority have called you them) in social networks, will be the new battlefields for any SEO.

As always, there will be some that another page that will slip on the results, and pages that should be, will not be displayed, according to the new parameters of the algorithm of Google Panda.

Another important aspect is how will it affect the Google + 1 button or the recent emergence of Google + (new Google social network), and if it will have much weight points towards (explained that it will be important, but not become crazy).

Equal to that step with the links, where appeared the famous links farms, will be to go with much eye to see how evolves button + 1 since they have already appeared pages buy and sell points, to achieve social relevance.

Broadly speaking, the new Google Panda will assess:

  • That texts are clear, understandable, which are explained well, and above all that are well written, without misspelling.
  • That the contents are original, i.e. finished copy of other Web sites.
  • To be sure, that the user can trust visit our page without danger to their integrity (viruses, malware, etc...)
  • That advertising is not excessive, and to avoid confusion with the web.

And finally have social relevance will comment and opinions of its articles are given, shared, etc...

In short, as whenever there is a change of algorithm, that is dedicated to SEO we have a challenge ahead... in addition to much work.