Facebook positioning

on 13 January 2014
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Since the emergence of social networks, without a doubt, one of which they impact more and more extended is Facebook. And that Google knows it. It is that, which ever is more important what people say of us in the networks, and the number of people who will follow us.

After having carved a niche among our vocabulary the acronym SEO and SEM (should already know that we are talking about...) now comes: NFO (Facebook News Feed Optimization).

Translated, it would be something like "Latest news" of our personal pages. And of course, doubt that anyone who makes the social media marketing is how to get that what we publish on our Facebook page, finish by publishing on our fan page?

Is known, nearly 90% of our fans never returning to our home once he has been given the "I like", since they continue interacting with us through the "latest news" on their personal pages.

'Latest news' are articles, stories, messages, photos, and in general everything that we publish and what we see when we enter on our Facebook personal profile, and that they come from pages of company that we follow, for having made click on the button "I like", or pages personal that have made us "friends".

Well, Facebook or NFO, positioning is the action of trying to persuade Facebook, news or articles we wrote on our wall, appear in the "latest news" of our followers.
And to do this, we will have to follow some small guidelines, in order to get a good positioning on Facebook, to bring our posts to be published in the "latest news" of the greatest possible number of followers.

1 try, as a general rule, do not use more than 80 characters per post. It is known that items with less than 80 characters, are read up to 30% more to those who exceed that number. So, the first thing is to make short articles.

2. do not use the text-only, combined with videos, pictures, links, etc. Since it is much more attractive for the follower a good complement to the text.

3 try to publish between 1 and 3 posts per day. Never at the same time, but that must try to space them during the day, to reach a greater number of followers, since not everyone is in front of the computer at the same time.

4 be constant and consistent. Is not always has something new to post, but even so, it will not be difficult to find on the net, some interesting thing (always respecting the origin)

5. do not use Facebook shortening of URLs. Use the full URL (these are visited and will click more).

6. as a general rule, publish manually without the use of tools to publish simultaneously.

7 encourage conversation. In an increasingly globalized world, it is essential to foster conversation. With this we attract people interested about what we are talking about, and each comment can attract new followers.

8 reply within a maximum of 2 hours. Whether to give thanks for following us, because you have made a positive comment, because it was negative... A rapid response is much more effective, a last reply a few days already with the passage of time, also is lost 'care' about what they expose.

9. the Thursday and Friday are the days of higher "engagement" (18% higher than the rest of the days), so try not to fail to publish from Wednesday to Friday.