20 Dec
Website Positioning for beginners
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For what already took awhile tucked in this SEO, basic notions which we will explain below, perhaps, too basic, but all those approaching for the first time to the positioning in search engines should know them.

It should bear in mind that they are basic notions. Today and despite the amount of information that we have, there are still many websites lost online, without any kind of work on positioning, and which are only pages that will not move and will be hardly visited, unless you type directly in the url.

Before launching a site to the network, must try to comply with certain rules which will help us to be much more visible in the network. These notions will make you pass above all those websites that have not worked anything positioning, but to win the first positions, you have to hire an SEO company, or deeper into this world.

Things to keep in mind for basic positioning (among other things):

  • Keywords and description: Perhaps one of the most important parts, and that is sometimes passed over, without realizing that the choice of keywords and description, will help Google to know what we are talking about. They should be descriptive of the subject matter of the web. A good choice of keywords and description, will be that we have quality visits.
  • The title of the page: Another important choice since it will be the first thing that others on the screen of Google results see title (you have to remember that 80% of searches are carried out with Google). They must also be descriptive of the subject matter of the web.
  • Texts of the web: Since the appearance of Google Panda, still the texts of our website have more importance. They must be original (not copied from other web) and be written without spelling mistakes.
  • Create a Sitemap: The Sitemap is a file with the map of all urls from our website. By sending this file to the search engines we notify all our pages with a single file.
  • Friendly URLs: It is displayed below the title and description of the page in the search results of Google. The URL should be "friendly". It is preferable to Urls of the type: http://www.xxxxxxxx.com/contacto/ instead of http://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?pagina=contacto.
  • Screenshots: SEO in the images, is also very important. Use the alt attribute to describe the images. Position images is something that is usually neglected and that is important. Through them, we can also find
  • Social networks: They were very important, but social networks have managed to be even more important since the appearance of Google's new algorithm. Be present in them is not enough, you have to "move" them since it is not enough to simply be.
  • Links: The amount of links that our website is important. Both inbound and outbound. We must not spend with the inmates and we must be careful with those coming from outside or give. A correct choice of links, we will also encourage much.

Broadly, taking into account these sections, we gain some relevance. Of course to get optimal positioning, and depending on the competition that we have, should consider the option of hiring a positioning service to a professional.