The SEO Services - Here we explain


Search engine positioning is an expression that has become familiar among those who have a website and want to increase the number of visits. It is an emerging field, aimed to obtain positions in the search engines.

50% of the work of positioning is done on the code of the page, getting everything to make the search engine we stand out among all the pages stored in your database.

The other 50% of the work is some form of "network marketing" whose objective is the bot to visit us regularly and report in the database the important thing is our page for other many (including others in our site) that link to it.

The user who first go in this field will be assaulted by a myriad of confusing information, outdated, incorrect, opportunistic and contradictory that the best will make you waste time unnecessarily and at worst will achieve the opposite of what was intended to: disappear completely from the search engines database.

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user friendly websites

We promote the usability of their websites, so that they are not only colorful, they also be "friendly" to search engines and enhance as well positioning.

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Website Positioning for beginners

For what already took awhile tucked in this SEO, basic notions which we will explain below, perhaps, too basic, but all those approaching for the first time to the positioning in search engines should know them.

It should bear in mind that they are basic notions. Today and despite the amount of information that we have, there are still many websites lost online, without any kind of work on positioning, and which are only pages that will not move and will be hardly visited, unless you type directly in the url.

Before launching a site to the network, must try to comply with certain rules which will help us to be much more visible in the network. These notions will make you pass above all those websites that have not worked anything positioning, but to win the first positions, you have to hire an SEO company, or deeper into this world.

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Welcome to our website about website positioning

seo-cabecera SEO services company, is the subsidiary of Bcnseoconsulting dedicated to the positioning of web, blogs, social networks and online stores.Have spent many years working with companies in Mataró (Barcelona) and region, driving up their Web sites to the top.

If you want to have the same positioning than large firms, but at highly competitive prices, so just get in contact with us.

Also as Google Partners that we are, we can give him €75 so try the advertising service Adwords of Google, just with a payment of € 25, you can enjoy $ 100 in advertising. (It does not include the cost of our services).

We create and design their websites, highly focused on positioning-ready devices smartpones and tablets.And remember that it is not enough to have a website, also there are to be visible!

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What do we offer you? - Website Positioning


ENTRELOSPRIMEROS.COM SEO company, is based on a preliminary analysis of the set of factors that will make your page one of the most visited. Discussed which is the target audience needs to have, than words or writing style on the internet makes that a user is encourage to buy or do that it is going to be a competitor, in that tone should be done the communication to be effective.

The majority of designers of web pages do not have account, by ignorance, as they work the search engines. So, perfect and very colorful, designs are available but with few visits since does not meet the specifications required for getting a good search engine positioning.

What we want, is to optimize the benefits for the users of search engines, both for the users of our services.

The first get the satisfaction of finding what they were looking for, and for the latter a greater business, adapting your web page to get you the best search engine positioning, and generating business.

Do not leave on the internet potential to disappear not positioning well your page. Rely on global positioning service. Ask for information without compromise.

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What is SEM?

SEM (search engine marketing).

It is, in short, to appear in top positions in search engines, but this time yes, paying. (Adwords, Facebook, etc...).

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What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization).

It consists of "placing" a website in the top positions for a given search, naturally without paying the search engines.

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