2. Analysis and recommendations


Do you want to be among the first results?

If you have come down to us, it is because you are interested in to be among the first results of the search engines. Search engine positioning has a definite advantage over other techniques of marketing or advertising: is not addressed to a disinterested public.

Those who come into your website by this system, are taking an active role in the search for product service or information provided, so is not a passive audience, but that will be a highly motivated clientele.

I am sure that will now be much more interested in having a good web, optimized and well positioned to achieve extraordinary results, and not having simply a website that appear in our data, but a website generating business.

How can I optimise my website? Don't worry, for that we are here. Ask us and we will tell them as.

ENTRELOSPRIMEROS.COM SEO services company, aims to get the high and search engine optimization of your website. So the first step is the analysis and study of the current state of your website, from different perspectives.

If desired they can write a report and discuss suggestions that should be taken, to get good positions in search engines. Ask for information without compromise.

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4 - Search Engine Positioning


Search engine positioning

Search engine positioning is an expression that has become familiar among those who have a website and want to increase the number of visits.

It is an emerging field, aimed at obtaining outstanding positions and can be for you, one of the most effective modes of communication.

It is shown that the search engines, they are the first place where potential customers are directed. According to studies, 80% of users come to search engines when they want to find something on the web.

The search engine positioning is a type of online marketing which gives users a high level of effectiveness. According to studies, users expect to find at the top companies leading in their market, those that bring you the best solution to your preferences.

The search engine positioning, is not perceived as something manipulated or you can buy with money, on the contrary, they are pure results, which comes out best agrees with searching and which will better cover expectations, to purchase conversion rate is therefore higher.

ENTRELOSPRIMEROS.COM SEO and SEM provider, can offer you a study of your web page as a previous step to get discharge and positioning in the major search engines. Request information without any compromise.

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5 - Search Engine Submission

Alta en Buscadores

High in search engines and directories.

First thing we should do, perhaps is a bit set that they are and how they work-seekers, since not only are these, but that there are also directories, search robots...

They work in the following way:

Directory: website that manages a database made by humans. This database stores and classified in categories URLs along with reviews

Search engine: website that manages a database made by robots. This database stores directly the code of the pages visited by bots or part of it.

Search engine: program that selects and categorizes results between entries in a database depending on terms and search criteria.

Robot (bot): is a program that surf the Web going from each page gives all this link and sending and incorporating the code or parts of it to a reference database. Also referred to as "crawlers", spiders or spiders.

After this brief introduction, we know how to work the different options we have to position the web network.

ENTRELOSPRIMEROS.COM SEO services company, manages the high in the search engines, for you so you don't have to worry about anything. After the optimization of your page, so it is found by the search engines, we will give high its pages in them, according to the following:

High in search engines and directories.

  • We will not give high its pages in a multitude of search engines, it is not necessary. Why?:
  • Because to enlist as many search engine, required software, and the important search engines they penalize the use of these tools, so it would be counterproductive to its website and to obtain your business objectives.
  • Because only the three or four most important search engines, achieves 90% of traffic.
  • Because many search engines prefer to find their own web pages that can be incorporated into your database.
  • Because they introduce other parameters, such as the number of websites that point to the web site (link popularity)


High directories

As we have seen, is not the same a directory than a browser. And therefore discharge is carried out in a different way.

The high in the search engines, that track Internet through software, registration in the directories, which must provide certain information such as the title, the description and the link with which you want to be referenced is different.

Directories have very strict rules that must be followed, but the high and positioning are very difficult.

In addition to free high, important directories obligated to pay an annual fee to be able to appear in its indices. This obliges you to perform a preliminary analysis of the profitability of the investment.

High in programs pay per Click (Adwords, Facebook, etc...)

If you want to appear in top positions and paying only for established contact, this is your best choice. See our pay-per-click service. Also as Agency Partner of Google, that we are, we can offer you € 75 free (after an initial expenditure of €25), so try the ADWORDS service of Google.

ENTRELOSPRIMEROS.COM Services SEO company, offers you high on search engines and directories service.

Do not leave on the internet potential to disappear, not positioning well your page. Rely on global positioning service. Ask for information without any compromise.

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6 - Links Strategy


Have a well-defined links strategy is essential to carry out an effective web promotion. AlthoughGoogle has indicated that the links are no longer as important as they were in his day, are still important for any positioning work.

The search engines take into account the number of pages that have a link to your web page, considering it as a vote of quality which gives a web to another.

So, we should work in that direction, for external links, pointing us, in order to gain position. This kind of recommendation is vital to obtain a good positioning in the search engines, and thus to obtain an optimal promotion of your website.

Ultimately, visits are obtained through the websites that make prescribers and top positions in the search engines.

ENTRELOSPRIMEROS.COM SEO services company, offers the service of high in search engines and directories. Request information without commitment.

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7 - Marketing Online


Online marketing, is currently divided into 3 large sections: the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMO (Social Media Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Positioning organic or natural, better known as SEO, is the optimization of the website or blog, to achieve top positions for a given search.

Usually on the code of the page (50% approximately of the work) and the rest is a work of links (link building).

In this section, we will define some key words, and according to these will be the work of positioning.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
You may appear in the top positions of search engines for the keywords that you define. The system operates as an auction, whereby more pay is that comes in first position, and the customer only pays when a user visits your website.

Appearing on these sites is not trivial, it must define some key words, define the title and description that will come out in the advertisements, analyze your website to which we direct the user, managing the amount to pay for every word, and analyze the return on investment.

SMO (Social Media Optimization)
As we know, the world of social networking is increasingly important. And that the search engines also know it. Today it is essential to have an account on Facebook or Twitter, for example.

Although there are more networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a new Google + are those that use 95% of the population, and therefore, it is very important to be in these networks.

Increasingly, people relies on information provided by these networks, although still the search engines remain the most important tool in order to obtain information.

You have relevance in these networks and be visible, is currently an important part of the optimization of our website or blog, with a view to positioning.

Other (Email marketing, newsletter, etc...)

Email marketing:
It can be focused to retain customers who already have, or with a view to obtaining new clients. We must be in continuous contact with our customers (present or future) without being heavy.

It is a form of online marketing. The company is responsible for edit and send a newsletter to a segmented users database.

If desired, ENTRELOSPRIMEROS.COM SEO services company, is responsible for its design, for the choice of content, of the wording of it and manage the shipping.

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8 - Web Design


The great advantage of search engine marketing is that it allows to attract qualified traffic. You offering a product or information; you have to know to do is to attract those people who are looking for it, or who may be interested what offers.

For that you need to have a web page, well optimized. Let us help you to create your website, designing it and making that it appears in view of a lot of people around the world.

We must have certain knowledge about who are these people and what will expect from your website.

For example: Let's say that we have assembled a luxury car dealer website. We found that most people looking for car-related pages search for 'car'. It would make some sense optimize for the expression 'cheap car'? Maybe we got many visits, but we would only consume much bandwidth and frustrate users who enter the page and not find what they were looking for.

There are certain elements that can leave you out of the game; others will not be insurmountable obstacles, but they will run against her.

Therefore the design of your page, is very important, since without a correct design, the positioning is much more complicated, not to say impossible.

A number of things that only a good positioner will take into account, but that will not take into account a designer, therefore, we offer you the opportunity to create the page and make your positioning.

Let us help you and together we will decide what pages with Word optimization, is carried out to be among the top positions of search engines.

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and remarketiing

As a Partner of Google, we can give you € 75, after an initial €25 expenditure, to test the search engine advertising tool most used in the world.

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Marketing Digítal and positioning, company located in Mataró.

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Consulting and accounting, tax and labour consultancy located in Vilassar de Mar.

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Facebook positioning


Since the emergence of social networks, without a doubt, one of which they impact more and more extended is Facebook. And that Google knows it. It is that, which ever is more important what people say of us in the networks, and the number of people who will follow us.

After having carved a niche among our vocabulary the acronym SEO and SEM (should already know that we are talking about...) now comes: NFO (Facebook News Feed Optimization).

Translated, it would be something like "Latest news" of our personal pages. And of course, doubt that anyone who makes the social media marketing is how to get that what we publish on our Facebook page, finish by publishing on our fan page?

Is known, nearly 90% of our fans never returning to our home once he has been given the "I like", since they continue interacting with us through the "latest news" on their personal pages.

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Give us a call


If you have any questions about positioning or how it can help you, you just have to get in touch with us without any commitment to the 647.367.087


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Google Panda or the new web positioning


Google Panda, is here. And SEOS, we have not taken too long to realize that the new Google algorithm will not leave us indifferent. Since last August 12 Google already gives results with its new algorithm.

Just left some Asian areas, but strong bet Google for its new search algorithm that comes to replace to Caffeine, the last known by all.

Google has said on countless occasions, I wanted to reward the quality content and original, and it seems that this is the bet of the new Google Panda.

Thus, content quality, well written and without spelling mistakes, also original and not duplicates of other Web sites, the use of safety in our pages, be not abuse of advertising, and have "weight" (authority have called you them) in social networks, will be the new battlefields for any SEO.

As always, there will be some that another page that will slip on the results, and pages that should be, will not be displayed, according to the new parameters of the algorithm of Google Panda.

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How do we do it? - Website Positioning


We felt a need to create a code of ethics for the design of Web pages, since there is a lot of literature, in reference to the positioning and high in search engines. ENTRELOSPRIMEROS.COM SEO services company, makes no false promises and always used techniques not penalizables by the search engines. That is why, that:

We can not guarantee first position.

Companies who are really dedicated to the positioning cannot never guarantee the top positions, in terms of positioning, since no one can guarantee the result of something that is not handled.
We say this, since these promises are very common in the design of Web pages, in order to generate greater confidence.
You must be very careful in trying to deceive the search engines with prohibited practices, because there is a risk that we expelled and we desaparezcamos of these.

We will not use any kind of action that we can penalize

Our working system prevents the use of redirects to pages optimized "doorway pages". That this system, in the event that the customer stops paying, aborts this redirect and thus disappears from the rankings. We want to get rankings in the long run, even when we are not paying.
Nor will use techniques of cloaking, hidden text, or artificial, nor cross-linking popularity... any kind of technique, which can jeopardize our position in the search engines.

More quality, that does not amount to the register in search engines

We could sign for a very large number of search engines, but this requires a software, and these are banned by the search engines. We only make manual high and stick to guidelines for each search engine. It should take into account, that six or seven most important search engines, have almost 90% of the traffic on the internet.

We do not guarantee permanent positions

The search engines are continually evolving, and add content and change their ranking criteria, periodically. Therefore, no one can guarantee that you will always keep you in the first position. What if we can guarantee you, it is the realization of a continuous monitoring and incorporating appropriate changes, in order to continue to appear in the top positions.

Ultimately, ENTRELOSPRIMEROS.COM SEO company offers, what page optimization for users and search engines, for as well, to enhance the business of our customers always thinking in the long term.

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Company of pest control for mice, rats, termites, ants and all sorts of pests in general.

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Law firm specializing in issues of traffic or traffic accidents.

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Neurorehabilitation Centre specialists in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, stroke, dementia or Parkinson's

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Nuria Santigosa pharmacy sells on the internet KOT diet products.

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Gardening company, specialized in techniques of EndoTherapy and Arboriculture.

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The SEO Services - Here we explain


Search engine positioning is an expression that has become familiar among those who have a website and want to increase the number of visits. It is an emerging field, aimed to obtain positions in the search engines.

50% of the work of positioning is done on the code of the page, getting everything to make the search engine we stand out among all the pages stored in your database.

The other 50% of the work is some form of "network marketing" whose objective is the bot to visit us regularly and report in the database the important thing is our page for other many (including others in our site) that link to it.

The user who first go in this field will be assaulted by a myriad of confusing information, outdated, incorrect, opportunistic and contradictory that the best will make you waste time unnecessarily and at worst will achieve the opposite of what was intended to: disappear completely from the search engines database.

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user friendly websites

We promote the usability of their websites, so that they are not only colorful, they also be "friendly" to search engines and enhance as well positioning.

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