5 - Search Engine Submission

Alta en Buscadores

High in search engines and directories.

First thing we should do, perhaps is a bit set that they are and how they work-seekers, since not only are these, but that there are also directories, search robots...

They work in the following way:

Directory: website that manages a database made by humans. This database stores and classified in categories URLs along with reviews

Search engine: website that manages a database made by robots. This database stores directly the code of the pages visited by bots or part of it.

Search engine: program that selects and categorizes results between entries in a database depending on terms and search criteria.

Robot (bot): is a program that surf the Web going from each page gives all this link and sending and incorporating the code or parts of it to a reference database. Also referred to as "crawlers", spiders or spiders.

After this brief introduction, we know how to work the different options we have to position the web network.

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High in search engines and directories.

  • We will not give high its pages in a multitude of search engines, it is not necessary. Why?:
  • Because to enlist as many search engine, required software, and the important search engines they penalize the use of these tools, so it would be counterproductive to its website and to obtain your business objectives.
  • Because only the three or four most important search engines, achieves 90% of traffic.
  • Because many search engines prefer to find their own web pages that can be incorporated into your database.
  • Because they introduce other parameters, such as the number of websites that point to the web site (link popularity)


High directories

As we have seen, is not the same a directory than a browser. And therefore discharge is carried out in a different way.

The high in the search engines, that track Internet through software, registration in the directories, which must provide certain information such as the title, the description and the link with which you want to be referenced is different.

Directories have very strict rules that must be followed, but the high and positioning are very difficult.

In addition to free high, important directories obligated to pay an annual fee to be able to appear in its indices. This obliges you to perform a preliminary analysis of the profitability of the investment.

High in programs pay per Click (Adwords, Facebook, etc...)

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